veder Poolbox

Chlorine Free Pool Water

Thanks to the innovative veder Poolbox swimming in chlorine-free private pools is finally possible. This powerful and environmentally friendly veder technology makes sure you swim in crystal clear water.

With our knowhow from the veder world patent, we are helping to provide the purest process water for hygienically clean packaging in the beverage industry for many years. Our unique veder membrane filtration technology is now also used for private pools.

The core of the Poolbox are the veder membrane filters with its ability to filter impurities and very small particles such as bacteria.

veder Pool

Our well-designed solution – the veder pool concept – allows the maximum reduction of active agents such as active oxygen compounds and remover of nutrients for algae. This comprehensive solution is an attractive and affordable alternative to natural pools.

The pH regulation can be dispensed with if the total hardness of the water is below 6 ° dH (German Hardness).  

Otherwise we recommend decalcifying the water or a normal pH control to prevent calcification of the membrane filter and the pool.

 With hard water, the pool water can either be on The usual pH value in the range 7.0 to 7.4 can be set or a softening system for the fill water is installed for a swimming experience in soft water. Without pH regulation, the pH value levels off at just over 8 - a value like in most natural lakes.

 Contact your plumber or water supplier for further questions!

veder Poolbox

Our unique veder membrane filtration technology is now also available for private pools.

Simple Mechanical Principle - veder Poolbox M

The handling is simple, because the Poolbox is based on mechanical principles. No sensitive electronics are installed. The veder Poolbox is also well suited for outdoor utility rooms.

The efficient design of the Poolbox is constructed in a way ready for connection. Therefore, retrofitting your pool with a Poolbox is easy.

Price incl. VAT
EUR 6.240,-

veder Poolbox Pro

Fully automatic membrane filtration for private pools with highest requirements. Based on the know-how of 24/7 use in the beverage industry, we have adapted our technology to the requirements of the high-end private pool and developed the veder Poolbox Pro.

Fully Automated

The fully automated veder Poolbox Pro can be controlled by the touch panel on the machine. The Poolbox Pro is also accessable remotely by the owner or our maintenance technicians.

Besides filtration, the veder Poolbox Pro control contains intelligent functions such as a self-test as well as fully automated backwash and self-cleaning. We are happy to work on a highly individual solution together with your pool planner.

Price on request


Cost & Installation

The sales price for Poolbox M is EUR 6,240 including VAT.

The veder Poolbox can be bought at our partners, who are pool builders and installers. Our partnering companies will also take care of the installation. If you are not yet in contact with a pool builder, we will happily put you in touch. Contact us...

No, the veder poolbox is an additional treatment stage. A partial flow (approx. 2 m³/h) of the water, circulated via the filter pump, is conveyed via the veder Poolbox.

No, the veder poolbox is an additional treatment stage after the sand filtration and therefore an additional pump is not required.

We are partners to multiple pool builders and installers and we are continuously expanding our network. We would be happy to advise your pool builder personally.

The veder Poolbox has a base area of ​​55 x 65 cm and a height of 1 m.

Yes. Subsequent installation is possible. The veder poolbox is ready for connection. Please check the space requirements and the possibility of connecting to the sewer and fresh water.

The use of the veder Poolbox is suitable for pools up to a size of 10 x 4 m. For larger swimming pools, we are happy to discuss alternative solutions with your pool builder.

The veder Poolbox needs to be integrated into the water treatment circuit via a bypass right after the sand filter. Additionally, a ½" fresh water connection and a DN50 sewer connection are required.

Approximately 2-3 m3/h of water is filtered by the veder Poolbox. The quantities may vary, depending on the setting.

Yes. Instead of a sand filter, a coarse cartridge filter can be used.

The veder Poolbox Pro is a fully automated filtration system, which is similar to the veder Waterbox. The cost is about 10 times higher than the Poolbox. The Poolbox Pro is designed project-specifically.

Operation & Maintenance

The system needs to be backwashed manually once a week This is done by operating 2 valves. The direction of the flow is changed in such a way that the dirt in the membrane filters is flushed out of the veder Poolbox and into the sewer. This process takes about 30 seconds.

The membrane filters are cleaned 1-2 times per season; a process that can be compared to descaling an espresso machine. This process can be carried out by the operator himself, provided that he is taking into account the safety instructions.

Nein. Mit der zum Patent angemeldeten Verfahrenskombination kann das Pool chlorfrei betrieben werden. Durch die Membranfiltration wird die Wasserqualität so positiv beeinflusst, dass die Zugabe von Aktivsauerstoff in Kombination mit dem Phosphatbinder unter normalen Betriebsbedingungen ausreicht, um eine zufriedenstellende Wasserqualität zu erzielen. Die Dosierung kann manuell oder mittels automatischer Dosieranlage erfolgen. Für die Dosiermengen sind die Herstellerangaben zu beachten. 

Durch den Einsatz der veder Poolbox können erfahrungsgemäß unter normalen Betriebsbedingungen die Dosiermengen für Aktivsauerstoff um bis zu 50% reduziert werden. 

Ein Einsatz der veder Poolbox bei Chlorpools ist möglich.

Wenn die Wasserhärte über 6 Grad DH liegt, wird der pH-Wert im Bereich 7,0 bis 7,4 reguliert. Hierfür können handelsübliche Produkte verwendet werden. Die Dosiermengen sind jeweils gemäß Herstellervorgabe zu wählen.

Die Alternative wäre die Befüllung und das Nachfüllen mittels Enthärtungsanlage, die oftmals in Häusern vorhanden bzw. auch bei Neubau eingeplant wird.

In such a case, the pH value of the water levels off at about 8, which is similar to natural pools and lakes.

Active oxygen and phosphate binder can be dosed manually (approx. once a week) or automatically and regularly using a dosing system. There is no need for pH regulation with our system if the total hardness of the water does not exceed 6°DH. Then the pH value - similar to natural waters - levels off in the range of approx. pH 8.

Die veder Poolbox selbst benötigt keine Verbrauchsmittel und keine Stromanschluss. Somit fallen hier keine laufenden Kosten an. Der Verbrauch und die Kosten der Betriebsmittel für Desinfektion, pH-Regulierung und Phospatbinder richtet sich nach Poolgröße, Benützung und gewähltem Verfahren. Im Gegensatz zum Billigprodukt Chlor liegen die Kosten für das sanfte Aktivsauerstoff-Produkt bei mindestens dem Doppelten.

he veder Poolbox does not require any power connection. It this is supplied with water via the filter pump.

The weekly backwash is extremely efficient and takes only about 30 seconds; which isonly about 20% of what the sandfilter needs for backwashing The water consumption depends on the performance of the filter pump. For example, with a pump capacity of 10 m³/h, approx. 85 liters are flushed into the sewer when the veder Poolbox is backwashed. (10,000 l/h : 3600 sec x 30 sec)

In conventional outdoor pools, the water level is lowered in autumn and pipes and relevant parts that are at risk of frost attack are emptied. In spring, the pool is fully emptied, cleaned and refilled. By emptying the swimming pool, one gets rid of the undesirably residues of disinfection agents and their by-products.

Not only are unwanted substances are removed from the swimming pool water with the unique process combination of the veder Poolbox, the active oxygen dosing and the phosphate binder, which do not have to, but also the swimming pool water is free of undesirable chlorine by-products. Therefore, the water can be used up to 3 consecutive seasons, if the veder Poolbox remains in operation throughout the winter. Please feel free to discuss the details with your pool builder.

Die Membranfilter sind das Herzstück der Anlage. Hier werden feinste Partikel bis auf Bakteriengröße aus dem Wasser gefiltert. Die Membranfilter sind in der ständigen Industrieanwendung und daher sehr langlebig. Je nach Pflege liegt die Lebensdauer im Privatpool bei bis zu 10 Jahren.

The veder Poolbox creates the best conditions for operating your pool all year long. No more dumping water in fall and tedious cleaning in spring. No unsightly pool during winter. Day after day, week after week, month after month, crystal clear water for your pool manyyears long. This way valuable water is saved.

In winter, the veder Poolbox can either be operated together with the whole water treatment system or the entire water treatment system is emptied and turned-off.

Umwelteinflüsse wie Gewitter, Blätter oder Nutzungsintensität haben bei jedem System immer eine Auswirkung auf die Wasserqualität. Durch unsere zum Patent angemeldete Verfahrenskombination ist erstmals möglich, Pools ohne Chlor zu betreiben. Bei erhöhter Belastung kann mit der Erhöhung der Aktivsauerstoff-Zugabe gegengesteuert werden. Bitte beachten Sie dabei Dosiervorgaben der jeweiligen Produkte.

Technical Data:

Dimension (L x W x H)Approx. 55 x 65 x 100 cm
Membrane Filter4 pcs.
Pore Size0,2 μm
Control/Cleaning FunctionManual


Inlet DN 40/DA50
Outlet DN 40/DA50
Sewer DN 40/DA50
Fresh Water ¾“ AG
Weight 35 kg

Technical Data:

Dimension (L x W x H)Approx. 77 x 77 x 185 cm
Membrane Filter12 pcs.
Pore Size0,2 μm
Control/Cleaning FunctionFully Automated


Inlet DN 40
Outlet DN 40
Sewer DN 40
Fresh Water 1“ AG
Weight 290 kg